Sane Singing – the book

If you are a singer or voice teacher looking for training options, you will soon discover that there are multitudes of people, products, and ideas out there claiming to be able to help you. How do you sort it out? How can you advocate for yourself in an increasingly crowded and confusing marketplace? How can you determine whether the training you are getting is upping your game?

Sane Singing will help you to evaluate voice training identify the relative importance of method and teacher  measure your own vocal progress  ask better questions  take care of yourself as a human being who sings! Available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.


“This is not a book about how to sing, but how to study singing. Lee broaches topics that are à propos to singers of the twenty-first century. The amount of information and choices available to singers today is immense, and these essays present vast and varied subjects in manageable portions. With this book, Lee has helped to clear some of the obfuscation that surrounds the study of singing.”

– Journal of Singing

“In D. Brian Lee’s book “Sane Singing”, the author offers a practical guide for the singer to look at career-building with a common sensical approach. He addresses many of the pitfalls that singers fall into along their training route, including over-breathing, using the teacher as a therapist, and allowing information to go unquestioned. This book is an honest look at many questions that every singer should ask himself/herself about the singing profession. I recommend it!”

– David L. Jones / Vocal Pedagogue

from Better Baggage Publishing